Natwest account update for jane.b

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Post by laleanne1 » Thu Mar 15, 2007 2:31 pm
Hi all

As you will all remember I was having problems trying to open another account so I could get away from HSBC, well I got a letter yesterday to say it has been approved and they will be sending my card through the post within the next two days.

For Jane.b who was also applying if you read this all I did was take all my information regarding my iva into a local branch even though they had never heard of an iva...made them take copies of everything and explained I could not give them an undischarged bankrupt letter as I was not bankrupt. I also wrote a letter to be enclosed within my application...

Hope this helps

And just to keep other people updated next directory called this morning to say they will progress my info with the bailiff to stop any action being taken and will send me out written confirmation.... slowly but surely I will get all this mess sorted. It’s just a shame I’m not getting paid to what my company should have done from the start!

l morris
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