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Post by Wizzzard » Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:27 am
A healing Preacher came to a local Evangelical Church. There was a long queue to see him. Eventually it was a young boys turn in line and when asked what his problem was he said it was his hearing.

So, the healing Preacher grabbed hold of his ears and said a prayer.

Then the Preacher let go and asked, "Hows your hearing now?"

"I don't know," replied the boy, "it's not till Friday,"

Have a great weekend
The best psychological health comes from admitting your faults and recognizing they're caused by someone else.
Wizzzard xxx


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Post by Andy1964 » Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:53 am
If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

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Post by Shining » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:27 am
IVA final payment left the bank on the 26th January 2013...looking forward to a debt free future.


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Post by MRBLUESKY » Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:06 pm
[:D][:D] like that one.


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Post by kallis3 » Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:40 pm
Sharing from experiences of dealing with debt
The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.
Bob Marley.


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Post by Julie » Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:57 am
[:D][:D] I like that Ray xx
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