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Post by karen992 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 12:32 pm
I had an IVA with my late ex husband in Nov 2008, in Feb 2010 it failed as we spilt up. He went bankrupt but I didn’t and went back into payment plans with the creditors that contacted me. Half of them never did so those debts are now statute barred. All the remaining debts were sold to various companies . In 2012 I asked for a letter from Grant Thornton to confirm I was no longer bound by the terms and conditions which Mark Allen supplied as I had a PPI refund from MBNA. 2 years ago I received a couple of other refunds from Lloyds and Barclaycard . These funds went directly to Aperture, it was only then I was made aware of the new ruling in2017. I have never heard a thing from Aperture so I decided to contact them as I’ve never seen any of this money applied to my debts. They finally got back to me the other day saying my late ex husband would’ve excluded from the IVA but I’d need to send proof I’d paid my creditors. I never said I’d paid them . Also unfortunately the Lloyds claim was done with Ismart so I ended up with a bill of£1800, this claim was started in 2012 and took years to settle. I’ve looked up my IVA and under Assets it just says lists my house as Assets included in proposal.
Can Aperture still hold onto the PPi funds , is there any chance of them refunding my fee? If they do hold onto the funds then fair enough but 2 years later to not even contact me or apply them to my debts seems pretty unprofessional, makes me think are they just hoping to pocket the money, including my late ex husbands share it’s almost £9000!


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Post by kallis3 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 12:49 pm
Aperture are now Jarvis and yes, they can keep the PPI and pay towards your creditors if they so wish unless they state they have no interest it.

I'm afraid they will not reimburse you for the fee paid to the claims firm as far as I am aware.
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