Payments made to Knightsbridge, now Creditfix says I have not paid for 3 months

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by john615 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:07 am
IVA review was due on 20 nov sent documents to Knightsbridge as has always been done. Received my documents back from Knightsbridge with confirmation they had been received on 13 dec informed about transfer to creditfix Knightsbridge said do not do anything direct debt. Payments and all my documents would be transferred over to creditfix today's date is 20 Jan creditfix say I have not made payment for the last three months and haven't received a correct income and expenditure form also checked Dec with them on Dec they said don't do anything everything will be transferred over bank statements show I have made repayments but to Knightsbridge. Creditfix said direct debt would be transferred over to them .They sent a letter saying they would revert to creditors to ask what to do anything you can say or help with I'm not amused as well on year 4 and worried but now expect a apologies and correct letters sent out
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by Foggy » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:49 am
Yes, the DD should have been transferred to Aperture with your case and, yes, you did not need to do anything. I would put it to them that they have messed up, not you, and it is for them to sort out. Luckily you can prove the payments went out,

Write by recorded delivery, direct to the IP ( keeping copies) stating your case and requesting that they sort this out immediately themselves. They do not, at this stage, need to go to the creditors.
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