phoned, emailed, left messages, IVA provider not responding

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I have been in an IVA for the last 18 months. In the last year or so I have had incurred extra financial extra's with regards to car repairs ect. I used to pay my IVA every four weeks in line with my pay day. Two months ago I asked for a payment break as I knew I was a month ahead, my reason was due to car repairs. I furnished all invoices ect to the IVA company and the payment break was approved. In that time my car failed her MOT thus more additional and unplanned expenses occurred. I phoned my IVA provider to explain my situation and ask for some advice and help to get me over this difficult period. I have phoned, emailed and left messages, but my IVA provider is just not responding to any of my emails, phone-calls ect and I am now becoming desperate as I want this situation to be resolved, yet my IVA provider just seems to have lost interest and I don't know who to speak to or what I must do now. Am I going to be forced to go bankrupt?

Adam Davies

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Post by Adam Davies » Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:18 pm
Hi and welcome
Who is your IVA provider ?
Andam Davies


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Post by MelanieGiles » Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:37 pm
That is not acceptable, and gives you grounds to make a formal complaint. Regulatory bodies take this sort of thing very seriously, but perhaps a very stiff warning letter to the senior partner or managing director might do the trick.
Regards, Melanie Giles, Insolvency Practitioner
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