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Hot and cold
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by Hot and cold » Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:40 pm
Hi, We have had the house valued and are in negative equity so the extra year of payments does not apply. We are a husband and wife so have separate IVA's. We have 15 months to go to the end of the IVA with the the total of £4065 due into it in payments. The break down of this is Hot -£1539.75 (37.88%) and Cold £2525.10 (62.12%) Do we break down the £3000 that we are going to offer as a full and final payment into percentages to each IVA? Also do we need to write two letters, one for each IVA or will one suffice? Finally the documentation we are going to send are a mortgage redemption cert, valuation, letter from us, letter from family member and family member bank statement, is anything else required?
Thanks for your help
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by Foggy » Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:50 pm
Hi -- presumably you make the one (combined) payment to the IP each month (if the IVAs are interlocking they are treated as one for admin purposes). If so yiou just need to offer the single lump sum as F&F to cover both arrangements and one set of documents only will be required.
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