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Post by andrew.ay » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:12 pm
I currently have an IVA which is due its first annual review and i am concerned about how much if at all the payments could go up - i don't know how this might be calculated. There will be some additional household income coming from my partner's childs' childcare fees as they will decrease(as he is starting school in September). She will still have some childcare fees to pay so some of the childcare fees will go into that. She is not part of the ~IVA in any way and has not benefitted from my debt. We got together afterwards and i moved in with her as the IVA started. I pay her an amount per month which the IVA currently agrees. She has always planned to increase her mortgage payments when her childcare costs decreased so timed a mortgage deal to end @ the same time. This means the household disposable income is re-routed to increased mortgage payments so i want to keep my payments to the IVA the same. This is her decision and I will still pay the same amount into the household overall. Will the IVA accept this /Is this reasonable given i merely 'live' here and need to provide into the home as she sees fit...she doesn't want to change her lifestyle or financial plans because of me and does not want the IVA to affect her in anyway which it will do if i am charged more....Please can you help/advise as this is causing some considerable stress due to the unknown.


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Post by size5 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:20 pm
I have to say that, although your concerns are valid, why do you not know the answer to this question already? Did you not address this at the time with your provider?

If you did, then you know the answer. If you did not, then you will have no choice but to go to your IP and get his or her take on this.

Was the IVA proposed on you "paying rent" or was it proposed on a full disclosure? If "paying rent" then my instinct is you may be ok, but if it was full disclosure then I have to say, should I be a creditor of yours, I would be a little cheesed off if I were writing debt off solely to allow your partner to pay her mortgage off quicker.

Take advice from your IP before you make your next move.

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