PPI but the actual PPI due to me was from things before I even accrued new debts to create IVA

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Post by hope17 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:41 pm

I don't know that the above topic will make any sense but my brain is all over the place.

I completed my IVA last year, for some stupid reason I thought I would find a job quickly but sadly I haven't and things are absolutely terrible and I'm at my wits end despite multiple job applications but anyway, I signed the letters re PPI and have received letters re the claims being successful but some of the claims that have been successful are from a time many years before any issues with my finances surfaced and before the things that were included within the IVA came into being so I'm just confused as to how that works?

I thought that only items that were included in the IVA and accounts that were included in the IVA that were also due a PPI refund should be included in what would be owed to the IVA and included but maybe not?

Even £100 or £200 right now would mean I could pay for food so I'm just trying to look at every avenue and not saying I disagree with it happening like this, just surprised because I didn't think that accounts that weren't included in the IVA would be considered part of this.

Thank you


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Post by Foggy » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:50 pm
Generally PPI from a loan completed before the IVA started is still owed to the IVA as an asset. Just because it relates to before the IVA makes no difference .... like, if you had purchased a Rembrant portrait 20 years ago, you would still be expected to sel it now and pay the money to your creditors.

That said, some IPs do lose interest in PPI after completion and some do ignore pre-IVA PPI (albeit incorrectly -- but, if they do, so much the better for you).

Hopefully you have made these PPI claims yourself -- otherwise you could be liable for the fees. Soeak to your IP and, with amy luck he or she might not think it worthwhile to go to the trouble of re-opening the files and will let you keep all or some of the refunds.
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