PPI from creditor not part of my failed IVA but in rental arrears, long term sick and landlord sold house, move in 8wks

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by JLRose » Sat May 05, 2018 3:43 pm
last year July 2017 my IVA Failed 2.5yrs in due to ill health having to leave my corporate job in London. My creditors rejected a 6mth break in payment and failed my IVA. Since I have dealt directly with my creditors and 1 wrote my debt off. I am now faced with my landlady has sold the property I have rented for over 5 years and move out by 1st July. I have been on ESA and in process of tribunal as DWP stopped ESA 6wks ago. Am in arrears with rent and have no income. Claimed PPI from old Egg card not part of my IVA and been informed successful payout of £1500 however has been sent to IP. They say its an asset and will go to creditors even though 1 creditor wrote debt off and that I am going to be homeless and in arrears rental and utilities is this not priority debts in extreme financial hardship, on my own, family live abroad with depression and chronic pain degenerative disc/herniated discs cervical & lumbar spine extra stress is pushing me over the edge. This PPI will pay my rent arrears. Also what impact credit checks moving. Am looking for new rental as trying to find work again even though no idea how manage have no choice as need income. Have no deposit or move costs and parents financially struggle but a friend has offered help with deposit. Help!
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by Foggy » Sat May 05, 2018 3:52 pm
It is possible that the former IP will return the PPOI refund to you ih he doesn't wish to re-open old records, or if it is simply uneconomical to do so, but he is under no obligation to do so.

The IVA will stay on your credit records for the full 6 years from the start and will make getting rented property awkward if you go through agents who will credit check. Private landlords might not credit check and could rely on a reference from your current landlord.
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by Mrs_Brown » Sat May 05, 2018 4:31 pm
Regarding ESA, have you applied for hardship or JSA whilst the appeal is being looked at? It usually goes to a mandatory reconsideration before ending at tribunal, so it is a drawn out process pushing 12months in my experience, do to remain at no income needs to be readdressed. Housing costs should continue: although usually suspended as benefit is disallowed, the council would reinstate if you demonstrate your income circumstances.

I have experience of the above from family having same thing happen.

Also hope your back eases, mine went beyond herniated 14yrs ago, apparently the bulging part of the disc broke off. Constant pain alone is draining, without having money worries too.
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