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Post by katrina866 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:22 am
I completed my Iva early in full almost 6 years ago now. I paid far more into my Iva then ever thought I would or agreed. Although I got my certificate 6 years ago to say I’ve completed my Iva I’ve had 2 PPI refunds in this period that have been paid directly to my IP. My 2nd one most recently this month. My IP hasn’t contacted me to advise me of this nor will return my calls. I have paid my full % of £1 of my Iva. Is this correct that they can keep my recent £600 refund?
Any help would be most appreciated.


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Post by Foggy » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:51 am
Until such time as the full original debt, plus fees and possible statutory interest is paid in any PPI still belongs to your creditors, even long after completion.

Some IP's will return the refunds to you if they simpy have no interest or if it is just uneconomical for them to revisit old files and re contact former creditors. I would imagine £600 for a 6 year old file might fall into that category .. however, some IPs will fight for the last penny!

That all said and done, they should account to you for that money --- and to the creditors in the form of revised a revised final account. I would be inclined to lodge a request in the form of a formal complaint, which can be escalated to their regulatory body via the government gateway.
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