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Post by flamingate » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:47 pm
I know this is last minute..will be sent very soon, just wanted some final insight, answers appreciated...

Whether you think you have been misold PPI or Not, they say you should still apply your complain letter ASAP,

so even if you think you were Not sold it, but actually were you still have a chance of getting some money back.

So what do you think about the idea, of sending a complain letter to the bank, by 'Hoping' you were sold it,

Here are template points of a PPI complain letter...



• The PPI was added without my knowledge.

• The salesperson selling the insurance was pushy and strongly advised me to take the insurance.

• I was [select from – told I had to take the insurance/told I could not get my [loan/credit card/credit card etc] without the PPI/only provided with a quote for the cost of the [loan/ credit card etc] with PPI attached].

• I [select from - was/knew I was soon to be] [select from - unemployed/self-employed/retired/over the age limit] when I took out the policy and [select from – made your staff aware of this/was not asked about this].

• I was not [select from - asked about any pre-existing medical conditions I suffered from/warned that pre-existing medical conditions could affect my insurance].

• I [select from - was not informed that stress and back problems were excluded from the insurance/informed staff about (your medical condition) but was not warned that this would affect the insurance].

• I was not asked whether I already had any existing insurance or employer benefits that would cover my repayments.

• You have been punished by the Financial Services Authority for failing to treat customers fairly and I do not believe that the PPI I bought was sold in my best interest.

• I was sold a single premium policy that was not fully explained to me as [select one or more from – the whole cost of the insurance was not made clear to me/it was not explained what would be refunded if I cancelled the insurance or if I repaid the loan early].

• It was not explained that the PPI would not run for the full term of my loan.

• When I tried to cancel my insurance [select from - the refund I was offered did not represent a fair refund as is required under FSA guidelines for PPI providers /I was told I could not cancel the PPI without taking out a new credit agreement].


a) What are the Risks of sending a letter with ALL of the above points, in your PPI complain letter to a bank who you took finance from?

-eg, they could think you are just 'trying' to get money from them, and could reject you?

b) Would they look in to each point of the letter in detail, to see if you were mis sold PPI ?

c) If you send this complain letter, then eventually, Would you have to prove these points?

or THEY (the bank) would have to prove that they did Not mis sell you it?

d) Is it worth sending a letter with ALL the above points..... in that 'SEND AND HOPE' approach, hoping that they might pick something up and own up to mis selling you PPI ?

or is it best to Write ONLY the points which you think apply to you?

ie- Should you include ALL the red points in the complain letter? or just include the ones you think you qualify for?

e) if you include ALL of the points, what is the worse case scenario ?

I know this is last minute..will be sent very soon, just wanted some final insight, answers appreciated...

Please answer in a) b) c) d) and e) format, for simplicity,



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Post by kallis3 » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:48 pm
It will all go to your creditors unless you hit 100p in the pound plus fees.
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Post by Foggy » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:55 pm
I am not going to respond in the format you specify because I only have one response and, in any case, this is an IVA support form NOT a PPI advice forum.

If you are unaware that PPI was mis-sold for any particular reason you cannot honestly quote those reasons! The ONLY explanation you could honestly, i.e non fraudulently, offer would be the first one: • The PPI (if any) was added without my knowledge.

How they will respond to any claim, let alone a scattergun approach is anybody's guess.
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