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Post by laura783 » Tue Mar 09, 2021 7:20 am
In November i went with credit fix for a iva at the time i thought it was the best thing for me. An advisor called eric from uk money advice helped sort it out even though he lied quiet abit on the expenditure form and told me not to tell them about hmrc debts should of taken that as a red flag but i suffer from bad anxiety the debt was making me worse so i just rushed it all through. When i was transferred over to credit fix they told me my payments would be £90 month i mentioned to them i was behind with this years council tax and asked them if that would get added into my iva the advisor on the phone then told me it would and to stop paying my council tax as it would get added onto my iva but my payments would go up to £170 a month until april 2021 then it would go back down to £90 a month and i start paying my council tax like normal. Early February i received a letter from my Council stating they have set a court date for that debt i phoned credit fix to ask why this has happened when that debt is supposed to be in my iva they told me the systems where down and to email so i did and that email was ignored so i emailed again 2 weeks later asking again.. Again I was ignored. I decided phone credit fix to speak to them and the advisor told me that debt isnt on my file and shes not sure whats going on and she will transfer me to someone else but there wasnt anyone available to speak to me so she said they would call me back. They sent have me a email requesting my bank statements and wage slip for a quarterly review i dont want to send them what they have asked for until they get this mess sorted as my council have said i could have a liability order put agaisnt me. Is it normal for them to lie so much?


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Post by Foggy » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:47 am
Creditfix do things their own way, I am afraid. I would suggest that you make a formal complaint to them, addressed directly to your IP, by registered, signed for, mail, which you can escalate to their regulatory body via the government gateway here: ... actitioner . Do remember to keep copies.
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