Problems with IVA I am in with Creditfix

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morais vasco

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Post by morais vasco » Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:27 pm
Please can some one help me.
I am Portuguese National leaving in UK I have been approach by a company that had said they could help me with my debts and They worked with government , Next minute I was told even to lie by the company in order for me to get into IVA at the end they have said that I been passed to creditfix they are experts in dealing with the situation. from the beginning I was told I don't have to pay any fees. When I was passed to creditfix they have sent me a pack to my house I some letter for me to sign I a did and I dint read the full contest because it was so many pages and I believed what the other company said (No fees) . in October it was my first payment and I was told they would contact all companies and no more call or email. I was happy I few weeks after the same companies still contact me I have contact Creditfix I have told them about the companies contact me . They have ask me the names I have given their name . Three months into IVA the companies are still contact I was getting more frustrating to the point my anxiety have come back I was ring the creditfix the have started tell me well-done you are doing well and half way I keep tell them I wasn't happy with them and I could not understand nothing and I was so nervous about the letter coming I have changed my number because the call I have stared having panic attack and depression. I have contact creditfix for refund the money back they have started saying will not refund the money back because I have sign a contact saying I was willing to pay £2000 for the services I was in shock I have collapse on the street. I have contacted my bank If they could help me recover the money as I have been contacting a few companies to arrange a deal with them. I was even surprised that they only notified my tax credits on the 8th on March after I have complain and report creditfix as fraudsters to my bank. I have asked creditfix to cancel any services or contract with them if I have I was told


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Post by kallis3 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:41 pm
No company is with the Government. Sounds very dodgy to me.
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Post by Foggy » Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:03 pm
You haven't had the IVA or procedure explained to you very well at all. You agree an amount to pay towards your debts and the creditors pay the fees, from those payments, to the IP. So, for you, there are no fees on top of your agreed payments.
If you cancel the IVA you will not get back any money as this will have gone towards those fees, as agreed with your creditors, and a bit passed to your creditors.
You are not allowed to negotiate with your creditors.
Creditfix themselves are a well known, reputable company. But, the company who passed you on to them sound bad !
Creditfix should be having no contact with Tax Credits, unless you have been overpaid and owe the money back.
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