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Post by christopher365 » Tue May 14, 2019 5:19 pm
I have received a letter from Santander saying I am entitled to £1420.31 for PPI however they are saying that they have had an indication that I was previously subject to an IVA and cannot confirm my status via the Insolvency Register and are asking for a letter of discharge before they will make payment. My IVA was 24 years ago! I have moved house twice so don't have proof of this as it was so long ago. I cannot remember the name of the company it was with but surely if I was still in an IVA this would show up somewhere? Do you have any idea how I could go about obtaining proof of my discharge?


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Post by Foggy » Tue May 14, 2019 5:45 pm
Proof of discharge is not what they want (if they know what they want). Even after the IVA has completed, PPI belongs to the creditors, unless the IP provides a statement of no interest --- which, if you could remember who it was and they were still practising, I imagine would be forthcoming after all this time ----- even they would now have no record of the case to be able to distribute these funds.

In view of the time involved Santander are being unhelpfully obstructive, probably in an attempt to hold on to the money they stole in the first place. I would suggest referring this to the Ombudsman. Although they have no jurisdiction over the actual IVA, I am sure they would be interested in this attempt to withold a refund.
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