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Post by Owen.hd » Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:55 am
Hi posted this question in a different forum first but think it might be better here for advice.
Basically I was in a situation where I paid my ex an arranged sum to cover maintenance, she's become unhappy with my new life and has put the CSA onto me which has increased my payments by £100 a month. I'm moving in with my girlfriend as she's pregnant and she will lose her tax credits meaning I need to pay her more rent and board than I have been paying to my parents, I've spoken to my IP about the situation, they've suggested that I have a few options.
Basically though the amount that my CSA is going up I might be better off out of work and it's an option available to me due to redundancies in my workplace and then going bankrupt to cover my debts but I don't want this to happen and I want to remain responsible and pay off as much of my debt as possible. Due to this the IP suggested it might be better for me to offer a full and final settlement figure.
In 8 months I've paid in just over £3000, and I have the option of selling the house I own but have been renting out to be able to afford the IVA payments. My parents and girlfriend have offered me some money to put into a settlement offer (to be repaid once I sell the house) and I think I can realistically offer somewhere in the region of an additional £15000 on top of what I've already paid in. My IVA was for £22620 over the 60 months, does anyone think that £18000 is a reasonable sum for a settlement?

Sorry for duplicating the question, but I'm getting desperate for advice.

Michael Peoples

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Post by Michael Peoples » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:12 am
Hi Owen. I think your offer is an excellent one and stacks up on all counts. There is a good reason for the early settlement and the return is very acceptable especially given creditors get the money quickly. Good luck with the offer.
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