Switching energy suppliers

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Post by plasticdaft » Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:51 pm
My insolvency taught me to be careful with my money so I'm amazed I haven't switched energy providers for years.

Started looking into it after my boiler annual servicing with british gas, the engineer suggesting I look at the british gas current offer of free electric on a saturday or sunday.....bargain......

Or so I thought!

Looked into it and its nowhere near as cheap as it seems.

Several hours later I've just set up a switch via the money saving expert site. They do a collective switch thing to force cheaper prices. Set to save about £300 a year and I'm getting £30 cashback.....

For sticking with british gas(on a much better tariff)!!!

They really do treat customers like mugs!!

Have a hunt around folks, always savings to be made.

Discharged today the 8th feb 2012. View is much brighter now.
Continuing to rebuild our credit worthiness.
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