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Post by mark456 » Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:26 pm
Hello, my name is mark xxxxxx
Few years ago around 8years approximately i and my girlfriend at the time Kelly xxxxxxx took out a iva to resolve our debt issues.. however we changed our mind and cut the long story short we never parted any money to pay for any debt what so ever. However I'm trying to build my credit up and on my clearscore and equifax it shows I'm still on a iva.. please can you update them on this please as it's very frustrating and not helping my credit score atall. I'm no longer with Kelly xxxxx no more and Live in a flat in xxxxxx
Hertfordshire. Please let me know if need full address and any more info from me to get this sorted out please asap! Much appreciated in advance mark xxxxxx


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Post by Foggy » Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:37 pm
Hi Mark. I have removed some of your details as this is an open forum and you would not want the world to see your full name .

We are not the people to sort this out, we are only a support and advice forum, not linked to the Insolvency Service or the credit reference agencies.

First of all you need to visit the Insolvency Register to see if you are still on there for some reason. If not then you need to contact the credit reference agencies to report the error.
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