The Problem of Gambling Addiction and Its Solutions

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No matter how fun you find gambling, this activity can be addictive. Some people get obsessed with it due to financial issues, while others have inner problems and inclination to the addition of any kind. Anyway, as soon as casinos overshadow more important things in life, it’s time to reconsider your priorities.

I have researched this topic and can share some information about addiction reasons, signs and solutions.

Why People Get Addicted to Gambling?

Numerous factors can stimulate addiction. In most cases, there is a set of reasons that lead to a growing obsession with casino games and an urge to win. Sometimes the outside factors provoke excessive playing, but mostly the internal factors are the reason in the first place. Anyway, I discovered some aspects that in one way or another can influence a person’s gambling issues.
  • Psychological factors.
    Desire to showcase the leadership and dominance above other gamblers;
    Urgent need of a feeling of satisfaction when life is full of problems and disappointments;
    Low self-esteem;
    Depression and similar states;
    Childhood issues and fears.
    Economic factors.
    Inability to reach financial independence and stability in traditional ways;
    Getting fired of downsizing due to economic crisis;
    Desire to get money fast and effortlessly.
    Other factors.
    Pandemic and lockdown issues;
    Legal status and availability of gambling facilities;
    Constant advertising of casinos and betting in mass media.
What Consequences of Gambling Addiction Player May Face?
  • Financial problems and debts.
    Loss of contact with friends and family members, divorce.
    Health problems.
    Mental instability.
    Thoughts of committing crimes or suicide.
How to Check Your Condition?

Here’s a list of addiction signs. If you have checked at least 3-5 points, this means you probably have problems with gambling.
  • You cannot control your gambling desires;
    You have insomnia and other sleep disorders;
    Your health is getting worse due to constant stress;
    When you can’t play, you feel anxious and irritated;
    You feel depressed when no gambling;
    You become more and more obsessed with gambling;
    You cannot control your emotions while playing;
    You prefer gambling even when you do not feel well mentally or physically;
    Financial problems and debts do not stop you from depositing more and more;
    You consider criminal ways of getting more money to keep gamble;
    You cannot stop gambling even due to the constant feeling of regrets and pangs of remorse;
    You are obsessed with the goal to win;
    You get back to gambling even after trying to quit.
How to Treat Addiction?

Getting back to normal life requires a comprehensive approach and constant fight with your inner demons. However, following these five steps can help you get on the right track:

Research your condition. Find out what are the leading causes of your addiction and temptation.
Apply for therapy of your gambling addiction. Find professional medical and psychological help.
Find support. Cooperate with other gamblers who want to quit or join the existing support communities.
Solve your financial problems. Find help and financial advice in the national and charity organisations.
Stop gambling. Add yourself to the gambling self-exclusion scheme in your country, or any other territory you can get access to the online casinos.


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