Two defaulted accounts included in our IVA showing on report

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by Danni.79 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:56 am
Hi, we have completed our Iva in 2015 early as we started it in 2013. I have just checked Experian reports for both myself and husband and the IVA is not on it. Should I be worried. We are trying to get a mortgage at the minute. There are also two defaulted accounts showing on the report, these were included in the Iva but are separate on the report. Should these not have been removed?
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by Foggy » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:57 am
Defaults should come off when they are 6 years old (from the date of registration of the default -- which should be on or around the date of the start of the IVA). Sometimes IVA's drop off early or never get entered --- they are recorded in their own section, "Court Information" (or something like that). Have a read here: ... dit-record
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Lisa Thomas
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by Lisa Thomas » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:24 am
You might find this quick video I made about cleaning up your credit record useful:
Noddle and Clearscore are also free credit agencies to consider using:
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