Uniform laundry relief

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by julie142 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:36 am
Good morning
I wonder if you can help me? I work in an industry that requires me to wear
And wash a uniform and apparently you can claim back the money from the government
For laundering and up keep of your uniforms.
It’s called uniform laundry relief...it is approximately £240 pay out and it will reduce
The tax you pay by £9.90 per year to compensate thereafter.....if I claimed would I have to put
This into my IVA as it’s not technically a windfall could you please clarify.
Many thanks
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by kallis3 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:44 am
It 's HMRC who pay it. I can't see it being a problem.
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by Foggy » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:47 am
My way of thinking would be that this amount effectively increases your take home pay by the amount allowed but that you should be able to add the same amount to your expenses .. effectively cancelling it out.
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by MerlinL14 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:22 am
I'm of the same train of thought as Foggy, you get an allowance to launder uniform, an income. You launder uniform and it costs the same as the additional income, no gain. Just list it on your I&E as an income and also as an expenditure.
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