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by downandout » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:48 am
Hi all my iva was excepted, first payment was made 26/12/12 got over christmas ok and to be honest its a great feeling, we know where we are finacially,got all spending under control. And this forum has been a godsend for me helping me sort things out i really cant thank you enough for the help we recieved whilst setting things up. Many thanks to you all.


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by Foggy » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:01 am
Well done, downandout. It will take a while to settle in, but, as you have already discovered, far better than juggling debt.


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by lukeofyorkshire » Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:16 pm
Excellent news. Even though you have 5 years ahead of you I remember feeling liberated.

No fear of the phone ringing, no dread at the arrival of Royal Mail and knowing the machine will not swallow your card every time you put it in the hole-in-the-wall!!

I am 4 years and 4 months into my IVA am grateful for the whole process as not only am I going to be debt free but I have learnt much.

I can now budget, live within my means and am planning for my financial future. [:D]


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by plasticdaft » Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:11 pm
Onwards and upwards.

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by enawilliam » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:29 am
i am new here
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