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Post by CZ75 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:08 pm
I have come to the end of my 5 years with Freeman Jones with the last payment being made in January this year. Despite me following up with them they did not get in touch at all in my final 6 months with any notification that the intention was to continue for a further 12 month period. After my final payment I contacted them as a matter of courtesy to say I had cancelled my direct debit etc etc. They then asked for further I&E information and payslips etc etc. I was unhappy about this and only managed to speak to someone when I added "urgent" into an email heading, failing that they just do not respond. I attempted to see if I could remortgage but couldn't and sent confirmation of this. I sent the further paperwork back in March and have still heard nothing further from them other than then pursuing me to say that I have not made any payments by text and email. When I sent all my I & E docs (receipt of which was acknowledged by a text saying "we got it") they returned them to me and there were changes however, they have not addressed this at all. I also sent a long letter since I have been making payments since 2011 which went into great detail of all payments to date I have made, I also asked them to address the fact that my previous bank had credited funds to the amounts owed due to mischarges on their part and again this has not been acknowledged or addressed but I am still receiving texts every now and again. This is ridiculous I have emailed so many times asking them to address my letter. I had an email in May asking me to send some information I had already provided and they said they had it when I replied again. I am finding this so stressful they do not appear to have any idea what they are doing. They have clearly had my letter as they acknowledged receipt of all the accompanying financial documentation. I find it so ridiculous that they are supposed to help but they are not. Are they not answering because they do not know how to? Worrying.


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Post by Foggy » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:06 pm
We have an FJ representative on forum who is very good at getting things like this sorted, Hopefully he will post with direct contact details shortly.
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Post by Freeman Jones » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:11 pm
Hi CZ75,

Thank you for the post. I am sorry that you haven't been getting the service from us that you (or we) expect. We inherited a large backlog of completions from Harrington Brooks when they went into administration, and our Debt Free team has been working flat out to try to get back up to date again.

If you can email me with your FJ reference number or postcode I will investigate on your behalf: I am sure that we can resolve these issues for you quickly. My email address is ian.williams at

Thank you,

A member of the team at Freeman Jones -
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