Advice on what happens at an IVA creditors meeting please

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Post by temby » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:37 pm
Hi, I have a creditors meeting scheduled for the 28th, I’m really worried about it as I didn’t want all my creditors discussing my personal business with each other, so my question is, will it be a conference call, or will they all just cast their vote before the call is set to take place? And if it is a conference call will they all be discussing my details or just simply casting their vote? Thank you in advance for any advice given


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Post by Foggy » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:42 pm
These days there is no physical meeting as such, nor a conference call. Each creditor has, individually, been provided with the details of the proposal and invited to cast their vote by the meeting deadline. At the appointed time the cast votes will be counted by the Chairman of the meeting and the result made known.
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Post by luluj » Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:15 am
The creditors meeting date is simply a deadline for your creditors to get their vote in as to whether they are in favour or against of your iva proposal
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