When can I remortgage?

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Post by RunnerffirG » Wed Jun 16, 2021 8:47 pm
Hi all,
I had a full and final accepted around Nov last year and completion certificate a few months ago. My 6 years does not finish until Jan22.

Am I able to remortgage now?
Appreciate I'm probably not going to get the best of rates either now or next year but still hopeful of bringing my payments down etc.
Any advice welcome.
Thank you.


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Post by Foggy » Thu Jun 17, 2021 6:56 am
Yes, it is possible to remortgage with the IVA completed but still on record, but your choice of lender and rate will be limited.

I would suggest a broker with experience in dealing with those of us with an IVA in our past as lenders criteria vary wildly and refused applications will decrease your chances even further.
My opinions are merely that .. opinions based on experience. Always seek professional advice.
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