Would my proposal likely to be acceptted

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by Slowlygoingunder » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:13 pm
Oya wrote:
Hi everyone
I finally received my draft proposal for iva from step change today. They seem keeping the time schedule they said how long it would have take so far which I am very happy.
The proposal is £122 per month which is 15.14 p for £.
My creditors are barclays card, creation, vanquis, aqua , marble and capital one.
Are they likely to accept this kind of offers which is below 20p for a £. ?
Also IP put travel to work and meals at work expenses as I didn't say anything about those which I don't really use transport I walk to work.
I am happy everything else and sending back the signed documents back. Please keep your fingers crossed for me I really need all the positive energy I could get it will be a very long month for me.

Hi I'm with steps change and they initially said £100 per month ( over 26 grand debt ) Barclays , Barclay card , vanquis, Mnba and a few more , Mnba didn't bother to vote ! Barclay card (3 cards) wanted an extra year added but accepted 6 months , they are generous with expenses and put it down to £85 last year and for this year .. just had review , I'm sure all will go well :)
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