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by fletch76 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:15 pm
Hi, I posted last week regarding my IVA company basically taking nearly a year to work out my husbands income as he is self employed, and we havent paid IVA since August, you advised me to apeak to my IP, I sent an e-mail to her, our adviser we have been dealing rang back as i cc him on it, he said our IVA has not failed, even though it should after 3 months of not paying because we have been seriously messed around by them. I did a cash flow chart yesterday, copied everything from my husbands accounts, done by his accountant, it gave us a surplus income of £196, our payments were £330, baring in mind our annual review was done after 2 years! no wonder we have been robbing peter to pay paul still!! well he is saying that that is not enough surplus income and it needs to be around £250, but like my husband says, that is what we pay out a year so how can we make it to £250 knowing we are not going to be able to pay it! can you change the company you are with so far into the IVA?


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by kallis3 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:41 pm
Unfortunately fletch you can't change company without it having to go back to court and it costing a lot of money.

If you cannot manage to pay any extra then you need to impress that upon them. It could be that they can ask that your IVA be extended to make sure it is a reasonable dividend.

Hopefully one of the experts will be along to advise.
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