Guide on homelessness

What are the options if you are homeless?


The council has a duty to attempt to accommodate certain people who find themselves homeless.

Areas Covered

  • The criteria for re-housing include
  • Clarification of what it means to be Homeless
  • Clarification on what being a priority means
  • Clarification of what it means that you have intentionally made yourself homeless
  • You will not be classed as being homeless intentionally due to the following
  • What if I am intentionally homeless with dependent children?
  • Clarification of a local connection with the area
  • Clarification on what it means to be eligible for Assistance
  • The Council Guidelines towards extent of assistance.
  • Guidelines for Bed and Breakfast accommodation
  • How do I apply for my accommodation assistance?
  • Is it possible to reject what the council has to offer?
  • Will the council look after my possessions?
  • Is there anything I can do if the council cannot assist me?
  • How to challenge the council's rejection
  • How does the waiting list work?
  • What are the priority groups on the waiting list?
  • Can I complain if I think I should be viewed differently on the priority list?
  • Can a housing association help me?
  • The Use of a Private Landlord
  • Will I receive help regarding any deposits?
  • Will the Council assist me with rent payments?

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