IVA.co.uk FAQS Frequently asked questions about IVA.co.uk

How do I recover my forum login details?

Simply fill in your username and email address on this page:

Forum Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your username then you can check your previous posts and/or emails that were sent to you from iva.co.uk. If this still does not resolve the issue that you can contact the admin team by visiting the contact us page..

How can I create an IVA.co.uk Blog so that I can document and share my IVA journey for the benefit of others?

Creating an IVA.co.uk blog is simple and easy. You can have amyname.blogs.iva.co.uk as your blog name.

Simply go to Blog Sign up page to create your blog. Remember we give out prizes for the best blog of the week - good luck :-)

What is Frugal Friends and how do I get involved?

Frugal friends is a facebook group of people across the UK who are interested in living on a budget. You do not have to be in an IVA to be in the Frugal Friends facebook group.� We give out prizes for the best tips of the day and week. Join the group if you want to see some great money saving tips:

Frugal Friends facebook group