Letter 3 - Request the write off of a debt Template letter

Request the write off of a debt due to ill health or personal circumstances.

This letter template is to be used by a debtor who cannot pay their contractual monthly payments to their creditors and is unlikely to be able to afford them in future due to illness or personal circumstances; as such they are requesting that the debt be written off.

Suitable for:
  • Someone with no available income and is unlikely to be able to make payments in the future.
  • Someone with a medical condition or personal circumstance who will find it difficult to maintain regular payments.
  • You are given a chance to include all facts that have led to the circumstances in which you are asking for the debt to be written off including age, family situation, medical history and relevant events
  • If you can only offer payment that is a low amount, the administration costs of collecting the debt may be higher than the payments received, thus making writing off the debt a more viable option for the creditor.
  • If you have property with equity or similar assets, the creditor may take court action instead of agreeing to write of the debts.

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