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Job Title: IVA News Writer(new position)

We need someone to write a weekly update on the IVA industry in the form of a blog. Topics to cover would include levels of debt, general industry issues, and anything that the press is talking about in relation to debt. There will be a small amount of remuneration for this position.
How to apply
Use the form below.

Job Title: Forum Expert

Become an expert on the forum and advise others on how to cope with their debt problems. You must either be an industry professional or have successful experience of dealing with debts yourself.
How to apply
Simple start posting on the forum and once you have posted 50 posts, apply with forum admin to be an expert.

Job Title: Forum Moderator

Help manage the forum to ensure that people do not post spam or solicit for business (we only allow limited advertising in signatures).
How to apply
Become a member of the forum with 100 posts and apply to become a moderator.

Job Title: Article Writer

Write articles and edit other peoples articles on how to cope with and manage debt.
How to apply
Use the form below.

Job Title: Blog Manager

Help manage and update the blogs section of iva.co.uk. Delete spam blogs and remove spam comments. Also update or remove old blogs that are no longer in use.
How to apply
Use the form below.

Job Title: Frugal Friends Manager

IVA.co.uk has a sponsorship deal with various IVA companies to provide free evenings around the country. If you would like to be a Frugal Friends Manager for your area then please let us know. You will be given a budget and will be able to invite people the frugal friends map (who are in your area) to come along and share help and tips on how to deal with IVAs and debt.
How to apply
Use the form below.