Affordability complaints

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Post by Dolls112211 » Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:10 pm
My Iva completed in 2018 I did a full and final offer it was accepted etc had cert may 2018 I have send in affordability complaint against a number off payday loans that where included in my Iva, if I win them will I receive the refund or will it go to my Iva, also I have put in an affordability complaint for one company that I had a couple off loans under £500 at separate times throughout when my Iva was active and also had loans with same company when Iva was complete, will I get into trouble for this and if I do win affordability case will I keep refund or will this go to Iva company, also can I get into trouble for having the Loans that where under £500 at separate times when I was in my Iva, could my Iva be opened back up etc even though it is completed in 2018 by a full and final settlement as if the company reject my complaint I believe I can send to the financial ombudsman to look into it would they contact my old Iva company etc
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