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Post by moretolife » Tue Nov 11, 2008 10:01 pm
well..i am constantly amazed at the updates is fantastic to see you all putting time and effort into your blogs.i find them all fascinating .!!!
check out new bloggers...viki and cj...viki is one of the forum expert so its great to read retrospectively why she is here....

liz blog..."all i wanted was .."...shows that knitting is alive and well...

dee dee and go4broke have popped up with an update...many thanks and keep going

kallis3....has a surprise waiting for us all..stay tuned to her blog ..she promises to reveal all on friday

ladyh ..swansgirl and angela18 have all brought us insight ...humour and a continued spirit of determination to get through

and finally moretolife seems to be "all blogged out"...but promises to update this week before the frugal friends party and of course a full account of FF will no doubt appear next week

so...if you havent yet started your blog...tonight is a good time to start...happy days
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