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Post by A_MPK88 » Sat Mar 18, 2023 6:21 pm
I have been in my IVA for around 18 months, prior to taking out the IVA I had car on finance. This was due to end in 3 years and I would have then owned the car.
Someone went into the back of me last month and I have had a call to say the car is a total loss.
Insurers will pay the balloon payment that is left on the car to the finance company - this will leave me with very little to find a reliable car that I need.
I contacted StepChange to see what my options were and they gave some names of some places that may accept car finance with and IVA. The interest on these places is absolutely ridiculous, so I don't feel that's an option. They also gave the option of borrowing from family.
My Husband has been pre-approved for a loan, my question is would they allow this if I made the repayments back to him?
We are not financially linked in any way. He has no part of the IVA and he had all of his assets before I met him. I would be paying back no more than my current payments that have been agreed in the IVA.
Has anyone found a way for this situation?
Thanks :)


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Post by kallis3 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 11:36 am

You need to speak to Stepchange to make sure this is acceptable to them. I have no idea not having had to experience this myself but hopefully someone may have
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