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Post by TheMatrix » Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:34 pm
Some notes for clearing your credit file.

Send everything RECORDED DELIVERY, and keep a detailed file of EVERYTHING YOU SEND until your files are corrected / cleared.

Only correspond by post, if the creditor gives you the run around or tries to get you to call them to sort the issue out - DON'T CALL THEM. FOLLOW UP BY LETTER. THIS IS IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER LATER ON.

Obtain your credit file from ALL 3 CRA's, each may have different information on them, although they should really match one another.

Mark off anything which is incorrect, default dates should be before the IVA was agreed.

Send your IVA Completion Certificate to the insolvency service (YOUR IP MAY WELL DO THIS ASWELL)

Send off my letter to the DATA CONTROLLER for the creditor, asking them to correct any FACTUALLY INCORRECT data under the DATA PROTECTION ACT. They are legaly obliged to correct the data within 28 calendar days or give you a reason for why they have not done so.

If the creditor does not play ball then the next course of action is to go to the Information Commissioner with all the evidence, and copies of letters you've sent to the creditor.

The ICO will be on YOUR SIDE :-) but he is busy and you have to wait for what seems like forever for him to make that judgement. The CRA will then be forced to update your file and hopefully the creditor will get a nasty slap on the wrist from the Information Commissioner too ;-)
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