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Post by Cupcake08 » Thu Sep 23, 2021 1:03 am
Finally received completion certificate and report.
5 years and small secured loan later I am back to the place I need to be to move forward. I just wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart the Forum guests and moderators for all the support and advice along the way. At times I struggled with the restrictive nature of the arrangement, particularly when life threw some curveballs. However, I persisted and with the support here I asked the questions, sought out information and made enquiries, politely challenged IP company when I thought something was not right.

My only advice to those still working through it, keep at it, budget, reach out for support and be kind to yourself, you will prevail. An IVA is a true test, the initial shame and despair I felt at my financial affairs 5 years ago has been replaced by pride at managing to complete almost the full amount I owed. Wasn't expected but I took a better paid job 3 years in and made conscious decision to take a small secured loan to fulfill equity release. The latter won't be for everyone but it suited my circumstances (hint approach Mortgage experts on forum for options, they are good). I believe the protocol has changed and secured loan won't be featured in future arrangements.
I believe Foggy described IVA as a form of financial rehabilitation. I expected to feel overjoyed, blooming jubilant at this point but instead I just feel peace. It has been a long road. Still got a way to go checking and tidying before the IVA falls off my report entirely next Spring and hopefully a new home. But here's to the future. Best wishes to you all, you can and will get there.


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Post by luluj » Thu Sep 23, 2021 4:26 am
Great to hear things are sorted and you are now where you need to be.

Your post will encourage and inspire others ... there is life after iva and you can turn things around.

Glad the forum experts around mortgages are recognised in your post - there support is invaluable and they have helped so many.

As a moderator of this page I thank you too for recognising the work that the few of us do, some a lot more than others due to work commitments, but ultimately we all have the same desire.... to help others through their challenges.

Good luck and stay connected to the forum- inspire us with your next journey in life !
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Post by Foggy » Thu Sep 23, 2021 8:06 am
Congratulations Cupcake ! (Something I never thought I would be saying whilst sober ! :D )

You took control during your IVA and, now, that control will continue as you move forward.

Onwards and Upwards :)
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