F&F but with only 12 payments left?

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Post by hess23 » Fri Sep 30, 2022 7:51 pm
Hi All,

After one long road - my IVA finishes Oct 2023 (A 6 year IVA)

FYI - I pay £110 a month to McCambridge Duffy - so have 12 payments left.

My partner and I are wishing to move into together and he wants to offer to pay on my behalf a F+F of the remaining balance to get it cleared as he's very strict and careful with his credit rating.

So from reading these posts I understand we'd be looking to pay £1320 to end it now.

Is this likely, given its only x13 payments left? He's got the cash in savings, but understands he may need to provide bank statements to support this balance.

I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks all.


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Post by diego_sucre » Sun Oct 02, 2022 4:54 pm
Sadly there’s probably two reasons why you are unlikely to have a FandF accepted.

1. By time you put this forward it will take roughly 3 months to be sorted and creditors won’t see the point settling it as it’s not a big risk.

2. Links to reason 1. Your remaining debt is quite low so creditors will rather just see this run it’s course

Chin up though and think your near the end, it will fly by :-) :D


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Post by hess23 » Sun Oct 02, 2022 5:10 pm
I had a feeling that was the case based on other replies. Thanks.

My last payment is scheduled in oct 23 - what will happen? Is it a full review as normal with wage slips ect or is it simply a completion certificate?

Once the final payment is made when will things be on the up credit score wise?

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