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Post by MerlinL14 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:06 pm
Recently I wrote to Jo Swinson, the Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs. Mel gave me her name and I just googled how to contact her. I wrote a very long and detailed letter about the issuing, or lack of in a lot of cases, of CC. Asking why, as guidance has been issued, is it taking some companies a scandalous amount of time to get their act together and issue CC's. The reply came personally from Chris Phillips who is the senior policy advisor, Insolvency Practitioner Regulation Section, The Insolvency Service.
He stated he has read the most current complaint threads on this forum with regard to the delay with the issuing of CC's. Below is an extract from the email I received, it has no personal information in it and contains links to some rather long winded reading material.

I should say that the guidance is issued as best practice guidance and is not mandatory. Only the Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIPs) are mandatory, the relevant SIP for voluntary arrangements is SIP3 which covers both individual and company arrangements. You can access SIP3 by following this link http://www.r3.org.uk/media/documents/te ... %20E&W.pdf. You will note that SIP3 does refer to conclusion of the arrangement, stating at paragraph 9.1 that “Where the arrangement has been fully implemented the supervisor should conclude his administration as expeditiously as possible.” SIP3 is currently being amended and a consultation of the revised draft concluded on 14th May, you can view of a copy of the consultation draft at http://www.icaew.com/~/media/Files/Tech ... 140313.pdf.

He closed the email with advice and a link to a new department as a complaints gateway for the insolvency industry.

As to the IVA.co.uk forum, the link to which you provided, I note that there are a number of people who are concerned about delays in receiving the completion certificate for their IVA. As noted by some contributors on that forum, if any person is concerned that the supervisor of their IVA is acting unprofessionally, improperly or unethically, they may make a complaint to the relevant authorising body. On 5th June, Jo Swinson MP announced a new Complaints Gateway operated by the Insolvency Service, meaning that any person who wishes to complain about an insolvency practitioner can do so directly to the Gateway by completing an online form or by phone. You can find further information together with the form and contact details at http://www.bis.gov.uk/insolvency/contac ... ts-Gateway. If you wish to make a complaint about the wider practices of a firm of insolvency practitioners, you should contact the firm directly

I am pleased that this matter has now been addressed and we now have a direct link to make complaints to a government body.
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Post by luluj » Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:24 pm
Thank you for posting your response received ..nice that you got one and good news a new complaint procedure is in place.
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Post by zee » Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:18 am
Very helpful links indeed. Thank you for sharing
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