Incorrect Standing order, Lost £800! sent 2 times, to the Wrong person! HELP

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Post by flamingate » Sun Jan 29, 2023 1:12 pm
Incorrect Standing order, Lost £800! sent 2 times, to the Wrong person! HELP

Hello have a distressing situation,
can you please assist with as many questions as you can below

have had an injury so is a bit hard to get into bank, and phone is giving issues.

Your answers would be appreciated xx

Only looked at statements yesterday and found this out (so this is a recent discovery).

Have to bank accounts, Nationwide and Natwest.

Last year had a standing order set up from Nationwide to Natwest, for £200 a month,

(was basically paying myself)

Nationwide ==> Natwest, £200 a month standing order.

In November 2022 went to branch to amend it form £200 a month to £400 a month, to the same Natwest account,

just new amount (£400) and different date (end of month)

and we have just checked out statements.

but when checking the bank statements of the past months of Natwest & nationwide
since then, 2 payments of £400 have left our Nationwide account,
but that amount is Not showing in the Natwest account. so they are going elsewhere!

Few other things

* and The Nationwide Original standing order of £200 is STILL going out

* so £200 and £400 are going out as 2 separate standing orders.

* I think he seemed to set up a NEW standing order, to a complete another persons' Natwest account,

* Only looked at statements yesterday and found this out (so this is a recent discovery).

This standing order was done in the nationwide branch/ while phsyicaly there in person in Nov 2022.

We have a printout of the standing order, and it shows the Payee is a Natwest sort code, but the account number is not ours,
and the £400 a month is not showing on the statements.

I do not recognize the account number the standing order goes to.

so another Natwest customer has received £400 (Dec) and £400 (Jan) by mistake.

It seems the cashier who set it up typed in the 'wrong' account number,

When we were at the bank (In November 2023 to amend this)
He gave us a paper printout of the New standing order details.
there is no signature on that paper;

and they just passed us the paper, and didn't ask is everything fine?

so the £400/month is going to somebody else’s

(they have £800) 2 x £400

£400 (Dec) and £400 (Jan) by mistake.

have had an injury so is a bit hard to get into bank, and my phone is giving issues.

but just wanted to ask.

We are mainly concerned about the loss of the £800, which seems to have ended up somewhere else?

1a) What would the bank Nationwide typically do about this, when looking into it?

would they 'stop' the standing order,
1b) and correct it and pay back the £800 which has gone out incorrectly?

Is there a way of finding out, by Nationwide- where the £800 has actually gone? to whose account?

2) Would this be classified as a bank clerical error, where the cashier did it wrong/incorrectly?

3) When setting up the standing order..
but there was no question of the persons 'name' to who the new standing order was going to
(although I thought it was going to me), shouldn't the cashier have Seen the payee name was different to my name?

4) Would we need to go into Natwest and get them to check the persons sort code & account number, to look at who that person
is who received the £800 ?

5) would nationwide find out and trace the incorrect destination of where they £800 has gone,
and refund it back to us?

6) From what I have said, what do you think the chance of me getting the £800 back are?

7) If the person who has received the £800, if they release £800 unexpectedly is in their account, and the keep it/spend it…

would that make it harder to get back?

Or Nationwide is a big enough bank, they will be able to reimburse the money back?

8) Has this same thing happened to you? what was your story & outcome?

9) Were they helpful and gave the money back?

10) Do you work in a bank, and can shed some more light on the situation?

11) If you are a bank staff member, any other info/pointers?

12) Any other things you can point out, to help me get the £800 back?


Can you answer the above questions in the format, 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) for easy reassurance

Please answer as many as you can, please?

to give reassurance as losing £800 is not very nice x, especially with the price of everything increasing.

Your answers would be appreciated xx

Kate xx


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Post by Breezy » Sun Jan 29, 2023 1:50 pm
Many of your questions overlap and the whole thing is not 'black and white', so I will simply answer en masse:

These are, you say, Standing Orders, in which case it is up to you to cancel them to stop any further payments out.
This is all better sorted out in person, in branch, so you have a named contact and can discuss it fully. Make an appointment to speak to an advisor, so you don't have a wasted journey.
As it appears to be their error they should put it right by giving you back the 'lost' money --- it will then be their problem getting back the money paid to this mystery account. If they are not helpful you can complain to the banking ombudsman or even the likes of BBC's The One Show --- banks do not like to look bad on TV.
I am not qualified to give advice and can only state my opinions, based on my IVA experiences.


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Post by kallis3 » Sun Jan 29, 2023 10:09 pm
Try Martin Lewis as well - he's usually very good.
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