Student loan and maintenance loan

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Post by EduLaur91 » Mon Oct 31, 2022 2:42 pm
Hello. I am in My IVA with Financial Support Systems for 2 years now and last month i started to attend Uni. I applied for Student Finance and Maintenance loan since I have to travel to Manchester(from Preston) 2 days a week for the courses. I told the FSS about me wanting to attend Uni. They were ok with it with the condition I tell them when I start and how much I will be getting as tuition loan/maintenance loan but I still haven’t received an answer from Student Finance regarding how much I’m entitled for the maintenance loan and student finance(application is under review). My question is this.. will my maintenance loan be included as income ? Will I have to give it all to IVA company ? Or they won’t bother with it since I will have to repay it long after my IVA will be finished? If someone has been in the same situation I would appreciate if they can tell me about they’re experience in this situation.
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