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Post by ordinary_world » Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:19 pm
Its great to find a forum for discussing IVAs with the experts and those people experiencing an IVA in some capacity. The information and advice floating around the forum is superb and it is relieving to hear that my partner and I are not alone. I sympathesise with many of the cases I’ve read on the forum and really hope it turns out well for them.

My partner and I are currently considering entering into an IVA with PayPlan - we have a total of £113k unsecured debt accumulated over the years (mixture of joint and individual). Although we have a relatively modest monthly income (total approx 4.3k) our outgoings have hit an all time high with priority debts (excl. arrears) at about 3k per month and unsecured debt at 2k per month. We are not behind on any loan/credit card payments....yet! We have been struggling to eat for the past 3 months now and this month will be the first time we will be unable to make the full contractual monthly repayments to our creditors. I’ve just written to most of our creditors explaining the situation (outgoings greater than income and seeking solution with the help of PayPlan) and offering token payments of £5 for current month and that I’ll be in touch with an update within four weeks.

For those creditors who we have a functioning account with we’ve paid them the full amount so that they don’t close us down….just in the process of opening a ‘parachute’ account. After completing numerous income/expenditure configurations, we are working out a configuration with PayPlan that will be suitable for an IVA over 5 years.

We haven’t agreed to go through with the process yet - we have so many questions(...many of which have probably been answered by the superb experts on this forum). For example:

1. my salary will probably go down by £250 a month in Sep, some credits/costs would rise/fall during the course of a five year iva (child benefit, child care, utility bills). Does one have to project worst case scenario over the 5 year period?

2. During the period of an IVA, how often do creditors want a report on finances and what type of evidence do they require? i.e. how close are they watching how we use our account?

3. What if we cant get a remortgage in the fourth year due to the IVA (or are there always a lender to help out IVAers)?

4. If we can get a remortgage, does the IVA take into account the increased mortgage repayments?

5. If the IVA fails, is it definite bankruptcy or can one go onto debt management for the outstanding amount?

6. Do the voting agents for creditors use clear and common criteria when voting or is it simply down to creditor-specific guidelines and the 'human aspect' (personality of individuals involved at that time).

7. What level of influence do we have during negotiations for an IVA? For example, could we refuse specific demands of an individual creditor e.g. creditors want 60% of an additional income during period whereas we argue to give them 40% etc

Although we’ve considered numerous options, the IVA seems to be the most suitable to get us out of debt faster and repair credit record....although cant help thinking it's more in the creditors interest than ours and it appears high risk (fragile agreements and you end up going bankrupt anyway!). I dont like the idea of debt management as they're informal, potentially go on for years and your credit record is affected for 6 years after the plan has ended.

Anyway, given my details at end of message any advice regarding the IVA or alternative solutions warmly welcomed (e.g. consolidation loans, remortgage, settle with equity).


Income and Expenditure

Total Income £ 4,408.30
Total Expenditure (Priority Debt) £ 3,259.86
Total Surplus Income: £ 1,148.44

Equity: 38,076.00

Current unsecured debt: £112,050.00 (across 17 creditors)
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Post by Adam Davies » Fri Mar 30, 2007 10:03 pm
Hi Ordinary World
Welcome to the forum and I,m glad that you find it helpful.
I will answer your questions for you but can I ask you to look at several IVA providers before commiting to one,the companies that post on this site are trustworthy and fully transparent.
To answer your specific questions

1]You would need to explain the fact that your income would fall in September to your IP,they would also need to know about other factors regarding child care.It is not unusual to propose an IVA with diferent payment levels in each of the five years if factors are known pre IVA.
2] Your creditors will ask for info at each anniversery of your IVA.They will require an updated income and expenditure form.They normally ask for your wage slips on a quarterly basis and do not usually ask for bank statements.
3] if you are unable to remortgage due to income restrictions or loan to house value issues then it is quite normal to extend your IVA by a twelve month period instead of the remortgage.There are nearly always lenders happy to remortgage you as secured lending is less restrictive than unsecured.
4]Your remortgage will produce higher mortgage payments and hence less disposible income.This will only be for a few months and your creditors will understand this as they will be benefiting from the extra money raised.Completion on your remortgage could be timed to coincide with the end of your IVA.
5]Only about 3% of failed IVAs turn into bankruptcy so yes you will probably go into some kind of DMP.
6]There are no clear and common criterea regarding creditors acceptance,just read some of the posts on this site.It really depends on the financial implications for your creditors but also the relationship that your IP has with the creditors and the way your proposal is presented,hence my advice to shop around.
7]You do not have to accept any demands the same way that your creditors do not have to accept an IVA.Your IP will negotiate for you and will have your best interests at heart.Do not agree to any demand that you would not be able to keep to.For info the 50% clause for overtime is pretty standard across the industry.
Quote "Although we’ve considered numerous options, the IVA seems to be the most suitable to get us out of debt faster and repair credit record....although cant help thinking it's more in the creditors interest than ours and it appears high risk (fragile agreements and you end up going bankrupt anyway!)"

An IVA is in both your interest and is only high risk if you fail to keep up the repayments.The agreement is far from fragile as it is legally binding to safeguard you.As stated before bankrupcy following a failed IVA is uncommon.
The figures that you post seem to show that an IVA would be possible.
Speak with a company on this site.

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