thought the stress had gone

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Post by andrea » Mon Jan 29, 2007 7:50 pm
i have just added my first message i do hope to get a reply and if i do i will be talking and asking questions alot because i feel the supervisors are a waste of time well the one i am with are does anyone deal with dept free direct


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Post by jamesfalla » Mon Jan 29, 2007 7:57 pm
Hi Andrea

It sounds as though you are not having a great time. There are lots of people who use this forum who have had similar experiances to you. If you share some of them and ask questions, this might help. I can't guarantee that the forum will be able to produce any magic wands. However it is often good to get things off your chest and out in the open.

Ask away and lets see what help we can give you

James Falla

Expert in IVA, Bankruptcy and informal Debt Management solutions, with extensive experience of solving personal debt problems over the past 10 years. I am regularly featured on BBC News, Finance Programs and Radio.

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James Falla

Expert in IVA, Bankruptcy and informal Debt Management solutions for over 10 years.

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Post by MelanieGiles » Mon Jan 29, 2007 9:41 pm

Both James and I have worked on differing sides of the debt industry for more years than I care to remember, and are more than happy to give up some of our time to assist you on this forum.

One think you must remember is that your IP is being paid to supervise your IVA. This means that they have to give you time to sort out queries, and I suggest you try to speak to them directly - the clue is in their name!!! - if you need to discuss anything about your case specifically. Insolvency practitioners are professionally qualified persons, and have a duty of care to the clients to whom they represent. I am sure that your own IP will be more than happy to talk through things with you, but sometimes the hardest part is getting through the hierarchial levels within the larger firms.

Keep trying, as I am sure that they would be very concerned to know you are not happy with the service.

Regards, Melanie Giles, Insolvency Practitioner for over 20 years.
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Regards, Melanie Giles, Insolvency Practitioner
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