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Kevin (foggy) - Site manager
Kevin (foggy)
Posts: 20641

I am Kevin, a single parent to an 11 year old lad. I started my IVA in December 2010, which was an interlocking arrangement with my, then, wife. When she left in 2013 (about half way through the agreed term) it was discovered that neither of us could continue with payments and, with the support of our IP, we proposed a full and final offer based on payments made to date, which was accepted. The budgeting habits still live on and, at the time of writing this (2018), we are nearly 5 years debt free and remain debt free. Assisting forum members certainly helps to reinforce the life lessons already learned.

Jan (kallis) - Forum admin
Jan (kallis)

Posts: 70178

Forum member and admin for over 10 years. Completed my iva in 2013. Keen to help and share experience with others.

Liz (luluj) - Forum admin
Posts: 9307

My name is Liz and I have been part of the forum since 2007 when I first sought advice as I entered my IVA. Over the years the forum has provided me with help, support and friendship. The ability to ask a question and get a response within minutes was invaluable during my IVA. My IVA concluded early in 2011 following receipt of an unexpected inheritance however I opted to stay part of the forum to offer my help to others as they go through their own IVA journeys and because it helps me to remain 'in budget' every month remembering the skills I learnt during my IVA.


IVA.co.uk was formed in 2005 to help improve the understanding of IVAs for people in IVAs and for people considering an IVA. The main feature of the site is the very active forum which averages about 100 posts a day. The forum has over 600,000 posts from over 30,000 users.

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