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More about this Calculator
This IVA Calculator is provided by Vincent Bond and Co Ltd.

This IVA calculator is approximate and should only be used as a guide. Please seek professional advice before making a decision on how to best deal with your debt situation.

Try the IVA helpline on 0800 876 0 999 to get professional advice on the solutions available. It is recommended that you talk to at least 2 companies before making a decision.
Any use of this iva calculator is conditional on you having read and agreed to our terms and conditions.
What is an IVA?
An IVA is an agreement with your creditors to make a single reduced payment each month which lasts for a sensible period of time (normally 5 years). Once agreed, creditors are not allowed to add further interest or charges to your accounts by law. The agreement is fixed - meaning that creditors can not randomly demand changes to it. The arrangement is governed by the Insolvency Act of 1986. A common misunderstanding is that people think undertaking an IVA is like going Bankrupt. This is not the case. The IVA is specifically designed to avoid the many issues and stigmas surrounding Bankruptcy.

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So Glad We Did It - by , 19/09/2012
5/ 5stars
I have to admit to being less than keen to investigate the idea of an IVA as we had already gone down the route of a DMP with another company but this hadn't worked out. Hubby pushed for an IVA and started the ball rolling, however once we had started the process i soon realised how beneficial this would be. Andy Davie at Vincent Bond was fantastic, he went through the whole process with us fully and explained everyhing thoroughly. We are now almost 2 years in and haven't looked back.